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Songwriting Contest

To Submit A Song

All songs are submitted by emailing Brittani Scott.

The subject must include the contest month, followed by the title of your song.

Subject Example

The body must include your name and email, the names of any co-writers, the song title, the category or genre, the audio for your song (YouTube video link, .mp3, or a Dropbox/Box link) and a .pdf of the lyrics and chord chart (unless included in the Dropbox/Box folder).

Body Example


Songwriting Contest Rules

Monthly contest will last from January 2016 to December 2016

By submitting a song, you are giving Brittani Scott and permission to share the audio/video along with the chord charts, lyrics, and vocals for your songs. 

  1. Submit an .mp3 or YouTube video along with a chord chart and lyrics. Include the vocals if you have them.
  2. Songwriters can submit up to 2 songs per month. 
  3. A single song can be submitted only 2 times total over the course of the year (2016)
  4. Songwriters can enter the contest every month.
  5. Songs can be submitted from the 1st to the 25th of each month and will be shared the 1st week of the following month. 
  6. The song must be written by the person submitting it. 
  7. A co-written song may be submitted with the co-writer’s permission. (The co-writer’s name must be included in the information submitted.)
  8. The song must be written for the church (congregational, choir, small group, solo, altar, youth, kids, Easter, Christmas, etc.)
  9. Songs will be judged based on the songwriting (lyrics and form), Biblical truth, and singability.
  10. If there is no eligible, qualifying song submitted, a runner up song from a previous month or an original by Brittani Scott may be shared that month. 
  11. Audio may be updated by Brittani Scott with permission of the songwriter before the song is shared.
  12. Vocals may be written by Brittani Scott in a joint effort with the songwriter before the song is shared. 

The winning songs will be emailed to all of the subscribers of

For questions, contact Brittani Scott


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