Writing Songs for Worship

Praise and worship music is such a huge genre in the Christian music world. While it’s fun to jam out in the car or house to other genres, Praise and worship music is so instrumental (pun intended) as we connect with God.

For songwriters, writing worship songs allows us to connect to God in a special way and also minister to His people as we create and avenue of for them to connect and offer worship, as well.

I consider songwriting to be artistic expression, and while there are great tips and techniques in songwriting, rules can be broken. With that said, there are some important things to keep in mind when writing songs for praise and worship/congregational singing.


It may not be a real word, but it is really important!

As you are writing lyrics and/or music, you should be thinking, is this easy to sing along with? Are the words easy to sing and understand? Is the melody easy to follow? Is the message of the song clear?

You’ve heard the expression ‘less is more,’ and in this case in applies!

You should also pay attention to your phrasing. Try to avoid leaving people hanging in the middle of a sentence. It can be done and be successful in a song, but there are some songs that are hard to follow because of the phrasing.

Types of Worship Songs

While praise and worship music is considered one genre of music, there are different types of worship songs. You should recognizing the type of song you are wanting to write and proceed accordingly.

  • A Call To Worship – Inviting the congregation to engage in worship. Usually used at the opening of a worship service.
  • Horizontal Worship – Singing about God. Telling each other about his great attributes.
  • Vertical Worship – Singing directly to God. Personal, one-on-one lyrics praising, worshipping, thanking, etc.

Inspiration for Worship Songs

Inspiration for songwriting can come from all aspects of life and apply to all genres, but these are a few of my favorite places/moments where you can find inspiration for writing worship songs.

  • Devotions
  • Prayer Time
  • Bible Reading
  • Following victories/testimonies
  • During struggles/trials
  • In response to preaching or teaching

While going about every life tasks, when no one else is around, just start to talk to God and worship Him! You will be surprised at what will come from those moments!

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  • Reply Ashley December 2, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    I admire those with the ability to write their own music and lyrics. That’s an amazing talent!

    I’m not skilled at song writing, but I do lead our youth band and I appreciate your explanation of types of worship songs–it’ll help me as I build song lists for our services!

    • Reply Brittani Scott December 3, 2013 at 5:06 am

      Thanks for commenting! You could always get your youth band together and have a songwriting session. Who knows what could come of it! You may have some talented songwriters in your youth group! =D

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