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What Will You Do When It’s Your Turn?

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What Will You Do When It’s Your Turn?

It’s always amazing to me how God positions us, whether we realize it or not, for special encounters and opportunities to fulfill His purpose. I can look back over my life and see how He used both good and bad experiences to guide me to where I am now and prepare me for what I’ll face today.

But every opportunity God brings me to, I am given a choice. He gives me the power to choose how I will respond to what is in front of me.

That’s how He works.

If you follow Jesus, you’ve probably prayed that God would use you and do something special with your life. Hopefully, you have a desire to do something great in His kingdom!

I’ve sincerely prayed these prayers so many times, myself. But, when my turn does come, it always takes more than that initial surrender. When it’s our turn, we’re faced with a decision.

He brings us to something that requires incredible faith and says, “Here’s your chance, what will you do?” And in these moments, doubt, fear, and feelings of inadequacy seem to always rise up.

That little voice in your head tells you that God really doesn’t want to use you in a big way, or that your response in this moment really doesn’t matter. And, if you’re like me, that voice has talked you out of so many blessings. You see, the enemy of our souls knows how to discourage us, and he will always do his best to keep us from taking those big leaps of faith.

Sometimes it’s simply sin and selfishness that causes us to make the wrong decision. We decide we’re not quite ready to lay it all on the line for Jesus. Or, we think we know what is best for ourselves, and exactly what should happen in our lives.

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