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I just started playing the piano for my church on Wednesdays and I’m looking for songs that would go over well for a midweek service. Any ideas?




This is a great question, but there are several of different directions that I can go with this. Let’s take a look at some things that should be considered.

First, you need to consider what type of service you have during the week and what your pastor’s vision for the midweek service is. Some churches have an evangelistic service, others a Bible study, you may be in revival, and there are probably more midweek service styles out there that I’m not aware of. Once you understand the type of service, you’re more prepared to select the appropriate songs.

Keep in mind that people are usually a lot less energetic at a midweek service. They are usually coming to service from work, a long day at home with the kids, school, etc. All of this plays a part in how the congregation may respond during the worship.

Our goal, as a worship leader, is to worship God, invite His presence in, engage the congregation, and prepare the way for the Word of God to go forth.

You may need to start with something mid-tempo that allows the congregation to get up and move a bit while bringing their focus to praise and worship. If you start with something too fast and shout worthy, you may be disappointed in the response you get! However, starting where the congregation is emotionally when they come in will allow them to engage and then, hopefully, move to another level of praise and worship. You can read more about creating a worship set here.

Picking songs that go over well in your church, in any service, is really learned through trial and error! Try to keep in mind the variety of people that make up your congregation and use songs from a variety of genres. When you have a list of songs that you feel would minister to the congregation, try them out and see how well the people respond to and are able to engage with what you’re singing. If a song doesn’t go over well at first, I try to use it in 3 more services before tossing it out.

Again, it’s important to remember that a shout-your-hair-down kind of song may go over great during your evangelistic service, which is usually on a Sunday, but be a complete flop during a midweek service or Bible study due to the type of service and energy level of the congregation.

Keeping all of this in mind, here are a couple of lists of easy songs to use in your midweek service!

There are always exceptions to these rules and the most important thing is to praye, talk to your pastor, and follow the leading of God as you plan and prepare for the service!

What advice would you give? I love to hear from readers, so add your answer in the comments below!

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