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In 2016, the marketing agency my husband works for hosted a one-day, online conference to teach entrepreneurs about marketing.

I didn’t know much about it until probably the day before it happened. My husband was up working later than normal to make sure everything was ready and I started asking questions about what they were doing and how they were doing it. 

It sparked an idea.

It’s amazing how one moment or event can set you down a path you didn’t see coming.

I started thinking about all the worship leaders, music directors, musicians, church planters… all the people who make a music ministry work, and may never make it to a music conference.

Confession time… I’ve only been to a major music conference 3 times. And 2 of those conferences I attended because I was asked to teach or work. The other, was because our church at the time paid for me to go. 

For most of my life, I simply couldn’t afford to go to music conference! 

So, I thought, what if I apply this one-day, online conference thing to music ministry? What if I could bring a music conference right into people’s homes, with some of the greatest teachers available, and make it super cheap? So anyone could attend, as long they had internet access.

I started talking to my husband (who’s the techy one in our home) about how we could make it happen, I set a date, and I called my first music ministry guru and asked him if he’d like to be a part.

He said yes!

On September 14, 2019 – I hosted the 4th annual Worship Workshop, an online music conference, and had almost 400 registrants!

Cool right? 

Now, I tell you this story because I want you to know things could have turned out completely different. 

I could have thought… wow! An online music conference would be a great idea! I hope someone does it one day. 

Or, this could be really cool, but there are so many people with more talent and well known names – they would be WAY better at this. WAY more qualified. They would have a MUCH bigger audience to reach and more clout among other music ministers.

I could have done nothing.

But I chose to start something!

And today I want to tell you the reasons why YOU should do something. 

Have you ever seen a need and thought of a way to meet that need? Did you do it? 

As a church planter, and I’m sure this can apply to all pastors or ministers… I’ve actually had people come up to say, “Hey! This is a great way to meet such and such need… ” And then they look at me expecting me to say, “Well, let me get right on that!”

You know what my response usually is? That’s a great idea! Why don’t you do that?

Unfortunately, their “great idea” never happened, because they didn’t decide to take the initiative and start something. 

We operate under the assumption that God calls OTHER people to great works.

Well guess what… we are ALL a part of the Kingdom, and we should ALL be doing something. 

You may have heard it said like this, “It’s not if you are called, it’s how.

I absolutely love this reminder!

There’s no question of if you’re called. You are!

At the very least, you’re called to accomplish the great commission!

It is not your pastor’s job to start every program, outreach, community development project, ministry, event, Bible study… It’s not your church’s job to organize every great, community-impacting idea that comes along. 

All of the people that we might think are more capable, or that these things just naturally fall under their leadership, are probably working on their own God-given ideas. 

And you should be working on the ones He gives YOU!

If you see a need and have an idea of how to meet that need, you should DO something!

Don’t wait on your pastor, church, or an organization.

Don’t wait on someone “more qualified” or “more talented”.

I can’t tell you how many times this idea has tried to stop me. We get caught up in comparing ourselves to others or we focus on our limitations… but the reality is we are responsible to use what we do have! And God fills in the gaps. 

Matthew 25 tells us about the servants who were given talents. One was given 5, another given 2, and the last given 1. 

The first two multiplied their talents (by using what was given to them), and the last buried his talent in the earth. He hid it.

Did having less talents than the others give the servant with only 1 talent permission to do nothing with it? Absolutely not!

In fact, when the Master returned he called the servant wicked and slothful.

He was an unprofitable servant, because he did not use what he had. 
It doesn’t matter what anyone else has been given – if they’re more qualified or more talented in our eyes… it simply matters that we use what God has given us. 

God calls us ALL to action, gives us ALL ideas and inspiration, and He expects us to do something about it… and THAT is why YOU should DO something!

Let’s do more than say we’re the church, let’s BE the church and do our part with what we have – whatever that looks like. 

So, let me ask you – what does it look like for you? What need can you meet, in the church and outside of it? 

For example, the Worship Workshop meets the needs of the church. This podcast meets the needs of the church. A missions trip, or doing foster care, or making care packages for homeless families… those meet the needs outside the four walls.

What has God been dealing with you about? What pulls at your hearts strings? What skills do you have that can be put to work in the Kingdom? 

Think about it. Write it down. Pray about it. Then take action! You can totally do this! 

Your next question may be HOW? Or – what do I do? How do I get started? 

Well, it’s not hard!

It only requires you taking a small step forward… and then another, and the next… 

What does a small step look like? 

It’s going to look different for each person, each idea… 

Maybe it’s writing down all your ideas so you can craft a well-thought our plan. 

This is usually where I start. I like to pour everything I’m thinking into a doc so I can see it, organize it, and then outline the steps needed to make it happen.

Maybe it’s a phone call – to your pastor, a local charity, someone in need, a friend or mentor who can offer some advice or resources, someone who’s already successful in the field…

I’m an extrovert, which means I like to think and process things out loud… usually to my husband. So, talking to someone is a step forward to me!

For one person, it was buying a plane ticket. That may seem like a big step, but it was the right first step for them.

The important thing here is, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by what the end result should look like. Every idea or project, whatever it is… can be broken down into small steps. So focus on the first step in front of you and do that. 

You’ll be amazed when you turn around a year from now, or maybe a few months, and see how God has multiplied what you’ve given Him to work with!

My last question for you is, What are you waiting for? Take the first step, because this is where it starts

I’ve created an idea worksheet to help you get your next big idea out of your head and onto paper! As I mentioned in this episode, a great first step can be simply writing everything down so you know just what it will take to make your big idea come to life. 

This worksheet will help you organize your thoughts and write out your next steps. Once you have a plan in place, you’ll be ready to dive in and watch your idea unfold. 

You can find the idea worksheet at www.brittaniscott.com/ideaworksheet

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