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How does an indie artist get started?
How do they come up with the funds they need to record an album?
How do they build a bigger fan base?
How do indie artists reach outside of their current circles?

Questions, questions, and more questions….

All these questions and more have been running through my head for the past several weeks (and even keeping me awake all hours of the night.) It all can seem SO overwhelming!

It’s definitely possible for an indie artist to be successful, raise funds, put out great albums, and connect with amazing fans. There are also a lot of tools available to help artists do all of the aforementioned things.

But where do you get started?

I happen to be starting from the very beginning! I’m an artist, and I’m so thrilled to already have had my songs recorded on an album in 2012 and another song to be recorded by a choir in 2014. I’ve done events and been involved in a couple of concerts, and I’ve even taught a few classes related to songwriting and new music.

I’m considered and independent artist because I am unsigned, or not producing music under a major label. There are some great benefits that come with being an indie artist, and some of those are:

  • There are no limitation in regards to age, appearance, religion, etc.
  • The artist, not the label, has control over her career, which includes the type of music and songs recorded, when and where to perform, marketing strategies, etc.
  • The artist owns the masters and can do whatever she wants with her music.
  • The artist keeps 100% of the profits.
  •  The artist can record as often as she likes. (Most labels limit to one album every 18 months to two years.
  • The artist can build the team she wants with the people she wants.

…and SO much more! Ultimately, the ARTIST is the boss and is able to make the decisions that she feels are the best.

However, there is also a LOT of work, time, and usually out-of-pocket money that goes hand-in-hand with being an indie artist. To start with, the artist is building and creating her own content and marketing materials. Reaching potential fans is also a process in itself!

On top of all of that, if the artist wants to record an album, she will have to come up with the money to pay for production, studio time, musicians, mastering, CD replication, photo shoots, graphic design, promotional material, etc. Those things all add up quick!

So with all of that said, I still don’t have all the answers to the millions upon millions (that may be a slight exaggeration…) of questions bouncing around in my head, and I still feel a bit overwhelmed by it all. However, an artist is not just something I want to be one of these days, an artist is something that I am! Right now!

I am planning on finding the answers to all these questions, building my fan base, getting my music out there, and recording an album by the end of 2014. It seems like a big dream, but it is one that I am willing to shoot for and I hope that others are encouraged to go for their dreams, too!

Just so you know, I am starting with a website, about 200 fans on my Facebook page, about 17 followers on Twitter (which I am just now starting to utilize), YouTube and SoundCloud accounts, zero dollars in my project fund (with about $40-$50k to go), several original songs ready to go, two wonderful studios that are ready to work with me (Ed Cash Studio for the album and Advent Records for my first single), and a prayer that God will do what He wants to do with me and the music He has blessed me with!

I hope you will follow my journey and tell others about it! I also hope that if you are an artist, that you will be encouraged to go for it and get you music out there!

And so it begins…

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  • Reply Donna (Nana) November 16, 2013 at 1:31 am

    Brittani you have a gift that God gave you to use for Him and He will bless you and help you. I’m thrilled that you are going to record some of your music. Get that savings account started and you will be surprised how it will grow. Love you, Nana

    • Reply Brittani November 16, 2013 at 1:33 am

      Thank you, Nana! I love you!

  • Reply Cheri November 21, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    Great post! As an indie artist also starting out, it’s great to meet others on that journey. I’m also hoping to release an album in 2014 (and am terrified! but still excited) so I will be following your adventures. 🙂 BTW, I stopped by your YouTube channel and really enjoyed your music. Godspeed to you!

    • Reply Brittani Scott November 21, 2013 at 7:37 pm

      Thanks, Cheri! I look forward to hearing your music!

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