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Single: Coming Soon!

I am so excited to be releasing my first single soon!! The recording is done, the album art looks amazing, and I am waiting for approval from!

A huge thank you goes out to Advent Records for their hard work on this project! They have some extremely talented musicians and I appreciate their passion and creativity!

Also, thank you so much to Kayla Ellingsworth for the amazing album art! Not only is she a talented graphic designer, but she’s also a great artist, photographer, musician, cook, and so on. I’m thankful to be able to call her my family and my friend!

Album Art_I Will Walk This Road

Story Behind the Song:

I wrote this song when I was 15 years old. It’s always unfortunate when someone chooses to walk away from the Truth and their relationship with God, and even more so when that person is an influence on the lives of young people. Out of this situation, God gave me this song.

A friend and leader chose to walk away from God and made the statement to my dad that he wanted what my family had (relationship with God, ministry, commitment, stability), but he didn’t want to go through what he perceived as trial and suffering to get it.

His comments ignited a desire in a 15 year old girl to make up her mind that no matter what the road ahead held, there would be no turning back! When I look at the sacrifice that Jesus made at Calvary and the reward that awaits when I reach the end of the road, I have to ask myself like David did, “Is there not a cause?” I may face a battle, but He brings the victory! He’s the peace in my storm and the arms that hold me close. In light of what He has done for me, how can I not give my all for Him?

I’ve made up my mind! I am going through! I will walk this road.

Preview the song!


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