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Pressure | Jonathan McReynolds

A friend of mine recently introduced me to this song, Pressure by Jonathan McReynolds, and I absolutely love the message!

We are surrounded by pressure to be someone or something that God has not asked or called us to be. Think of all the perfect pictures you see your friends, or rather acquaintances, post on social media… pressure. How about that conference you went to last week with the perfect band and praise team singing the most current songs out there? Pressure.

It can start to feel like we are constantly trying to live up to perceived expectations of others when, in reality, God has something completely different in mind.

David was called to kill a giant. There may have been others that seemed more qualified, but God chose David. All David had to offer was a sling, but Saul didn’t think that the sling was good enough. Saul pressured David to wear his armor, to somehow look and act like what he thought a giant killer should be.

God didn’t need Saul’s armor. God didn’t even need Saul, the man who was head and shoulders above all the others, to kill Goliath. He called David and wanted to use what David had to offer. David took what he had and offered it to God. He did his very best in the name of the Lord and was triumphant.

To the church planter, it’s okay to do what works for you and your church! God isn’t calling you to be like any other church. Your music or Sunday School program can be unique to you and the work that God is doing in your city.

You’ve been in your city a year, five years and aren’t running over 100? So what? God is doing a work, however slowly or quickly, and you don’t have to give in to the pressure to perform or produce results. That’s God job! You’re simply called to live your life in service to Him. He does the rest!

To the struggling music director, don’t be discouraged when you see a “better” music department at the church down the road or you watch the musician that seems to have it all together and doesn’t miss a note. God called you and placed you in this position and He’s not worried about what someone else may bring to the table. He wants you and your talents at work in His kingdom.

Don’t believe the lie that you’re not good enough! Don’t give in to the pressure you feel when you look at those you consider to be the best of the best. God has only asked you to do what you can and use what you have, so do it with all your heart! He thinks it’s beautiful!

It’s so freeing to leave behind the pressure and simply be content in life and happy with who God is shaping you to be. The only opinions that matter are His. The only expectations we should strive to meet are His.

When we decrease so that He can be glorified, it’s amazing how a lot of the noise and nonsense starts to slip away. I hope we can all find the peace that comes in living for Him alone and nobody else.

Keep the message of this song in mind as you prepare for another service, practice, message, Bible study, special song, etc. This is not an excuse to offer something less than your very best to God as you serve Him, but a reminder that the focus is on Jesus. The glory belongs to Him.

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    Really needed to read this. Thank you for sharing!

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