Development and Training

5 Tips For Being A Great Mentor

If you’re involved in music ministry (or any ministry for that matter), you should be mentoring someone!

In this Friday 5 In Five video, I share 5 tips for being a great mentor.

One of the goals of our church is that everyone involved in anyway at the Refuge has someone they’re mentoring. If you’re heading out on a missions trip, taking a maternity leave, or shifting your ministry focus, someone should be able to step into your shoes and carry on seamlessly.

I think this is especially important in music ministry! Worship leaders should be mentoring up and coming worship leaders! Musician, vocalists, and even ministry leaders should be mentoring, too!

What we’re doing in the Kingdom of God is so much bigger than ourselves! We have a responsibility to pass on what we’ve learned and sow into the success of others. Continue Reading

Resources, Sing A New Song

5 New Easy Songs for Easter (+ 5 of my all time favs!)

Easter is a couple months away and most music ministers and worship leaders are already planning and practicing. Today on Friday 5 In Five, I’m sharing 5 new easy songs for Easter, plus some of my all time favorite Easter selections.

These songs are in no particular order! Several, if not all, of these songs can be used no matter the size of your worship team! Even if it’s just you and a piano or guitar, you can do something new and special for Easter this year. Continue Reading


Christmas Service Program II

Last year I shared this Christmas Service Program and you all seemed to really like it! Having a program template definitely makes planning special services a little easier.

I decided to share a new one this year! It’s similar in format to the one I shared last year, but this year the theme is What A Beautiful Name. This program is so easy and can be done by any church, no matter the size. Continue Reading


A Thanksgiving Service

Every November we host a special Sunday Thanksgiving service at our church. The entire service is designed around the thanksgiving theme and we add some elements that make the service feel set apart from other services.

This is an easy Thanksgiving service program I put together that can be done in both small and large church settings. It includes links to videos and chord charts. Continue Reading