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Feature Friday: Heather Cooper

This week’s feature is a talented singer, songwriter, and recording artist! I really enjoyed interviewing Heather Cooper!

Connect with her on social media and be watching for her new CD to be released in the next couple of months!

Enjoy the interview!


Brittani: How did you get into music?

Heather Cooper: Well, music has always been in our family since I was a young girl. I’ve always known music, my parents are very musical, my grandparents are very musical, my dad use to play the organ and sing all the time when we were little, so it’s kind of always been there.

Then about the age 16 I started really diving into music for myself and from there it’s just progressed. From there, God’s taking me step by step to the next level, so it’s been really exciting!

Brittani: Do you play any instruments?

Heather Cooper: I do play! I play the piano.

Brittani: How old were you when you started playing the piano?

Heather Cooper: I actually started playing the piano when I was 10, and then I took a break. At the age of 16 is when I really started taking everything serious again. I had a mentor in my life that really encouraged me to take it up and from there I just learned.

Brittani: What is the latest thing that you’ve recorded?

Heather Cooper: I have a single out and it’s called I Worship Only You. It is an original. I released it on October 6th, and it’s been doing really good! I’ve been getting really good feedback from it!

I actually hop to have my album out in the next few months!

Brittani: How many songs are going to be on it and are they all originals?

Heather Cooper: 12 songs and 7 of them are originals.

Brittani: I can’t wait to hear it! When did you write you very first song?

Heather Cooper: Actually, at the age 16! 16 was kind of that age for me!

I was in prayer one night at our church and I was up praying, and God told me to go back to my seat and sit down, and literally, I just started writing the lyrics to the song. It came out so freely! It was a really neat experience!

Brittani: What was the title?

Heather Cooper: It’s called A Desert Place.

Brittani: Have written consistently since then?

Heather Cooper: No. I wrote that song at 16, and I kind of dibble-dabbled trying to write again.

I didn’t start writing again until about 3 years ago. I picked it back up, and the first song that I wrote, I was in the car and I felt impressed, like God was just wanting me to go home and sit at my piano.  So, I ran home and just sat there, and 2 songs came out in about 15 minutes. I thought they were cheesy songs, but I’ve heard many testimonies from them and I praise God for that!

Brittani: Who are your inspirations and/or mentors?

Heather Cooper: One lady in particular, her name is Crystal Barley; she used to be my pastor’s wife. If it wasn’t for her, I would not be where I am today! She encouraged me at a young age to be everything I could be in the music ministry. At a young age, she let me lead worship, and do the choir, and play in service.

Of course, my mom! My mom is like my best friend! She loves me and is such an inspiration to me. I’ll go and be like “Mom! What do you think of this song?” and she is like “It’s awesome!”

And then my pastor now! He and his wife, they are also my uncle and my aunt, they are into music very much and they have been a really big inspiration to me!

Brittani: How involved are you in your home church?

Heather Cooper: I actually lead worship; I’m the music director here. I was really scared to introduce them to the congregation, but we do all of the songs that I have written and the church loves them. They are worship songs, and the church loves them, and I thank God for that!

Brittani: What other ministries are you involved in?

Heather Cooper: I’m also involved in the kid’s ministry and in the youth ministry. Our church also has a mentoring program and I’m involved with that as well.

Brittani: So, you got to open for someone in a concert, why don’t you tell us about that and how it came about!

Heather Cooper: Yes! Last year, around February, a friend of mine had contacted me and said there was a contest that I needed to enter. I was like, I don’t know…so I asked my pastor and he said “Go for it!” So, I had to enter a song on Facebook and then try to get as many likes as I could get on the video.

I ended up winning, and I got to open up for Fred Hammond! I got to meet him and talk to him, and he got to give me advice. It was just one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had! It was really, really cool!

Brittani: What is some of the advice he gave you?

Heather Cooper: He said stay encouraged! You know, not everyone is going like you, not everyone is going to like your music, but there are people out there that are going to love it! You’re going to hear that people don’t like it sometimes, but stay encouraged and don’t get down about it.

He said the greatest way to get your stuff out there is social media! He was like, people don’t listen to CD’s anymore. It’s social media all the way, so invest time in it and get things out there.

Brittani: So tell us more about yourself! What are some of your other interests and hobbies?

Heather Cooper: Well, I love to shop!! I’ve actually taken a keen to shopping recently! I’ve never really been like that.

I like to hike and go exploring. I’ve taken a really big liking to that over the past few years. I love to go skiing!

I also love to travel! I love to go around and see new places, meet new people… if I could be doing that 24/7, I would be doing it!

Brittani: What advice would you give to our readers?

Heather Cooper: If you have a passion for music at all, get involved! It is the most incredible thing to be used by God, to be a vessel in a service, to lead people in worship, and to prepare that way for the Word to go forth.

If you’re looking to record, pray about it! If you want to write, get into the Word and seek God for it! Let those songs be of God and come from God! …and make sure you have lots of money saved up, because it does cost a lot of money! So save up before you go into it.

It is the most incredible thing! It really is!

Brittani: Thanks for letting me interview you!

Heather Cooper: Well, thank you so much for having me!

Listen to I Worship Only You

Check out Heather’s single, I Worship Only You, on iTunes or Amazon, and go connect with her on Facebook and YouTube!


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    Great interview! I’m glad you introduced me to a new artist–can’t wait to check out some of her music 🙂

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    I had such a blast with you girl, cant wait to do it again!!!!

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