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Songwriting Challenge Bonus Week

SO?? How did it go? Did you write one song each week? Did writing get easier for you? How do you feel about the songs you produced during this challenge?

Thank you to each one of you who participated! I enjoyed pushing myself to write more consistently and I hope you did too!

Ok… nine weeks just seemed like an odd length of time, so how about one more week?

TOPIC: Anything!

This will be anything goes week! What’s been on your heart?



Songwriting Challenge Week 9

We made it! This is the final week of the songwriting challenge!! ….. Maybe…..

In honor of the new year (I can’t believe it’s already 2015!!!!)…


Aren’t you thankful that Jesus makes all things new?? Just like this new year gives us a chance to start fresh, Jesus wipes our slates clean and gives us a new life in Him!


Songwriting Challenge Week 8

I hope you all the best day yesterday! I hope it was full of joy and family and LOTS of yummy food!!

Don’t start slacking now! We are just about through with this songwriting challenge and just about through with this year!

TOPIC: Faithfulness


Songwriting Challenge Week 7

Here we go with week seven!! Are you ready for Christmas yet? Do you have all your shopping done? Are you enjoying the hustle and bustle or is it starting to wear you down?

I personally love the season and just about everything that goes along with it!! But, for those of you who need to slow down…

TOPIC: Peace


Songwriting Challenge Week 6

We are over half way through with our songwriting challenge! What have you learned about yourself and songwriting so far? I’d love to hear what your experiences have been!

TOPIC: Holiness