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Embracing An Abundance Mentality

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Embracing An Abundance Mentality

Last year I read the book Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst. It was such a great book for women that I decided to start a Bible study based on it for the ladies in our church.

We’ve been working our way through it for several months, and in our last Bible study, we covered the chapter on Scarcity vs. Abundance Thinking.

So. Good.

This mindset is something I’ve often needed to be reminded of, and if you have any ambition to do something great for the Kingdom of God, you may need this reminder too!

This world we live in is self-centered. Unfortunately, we are influenced by the cultures we live in, not always stopping to identify mindsets that are contrary to our Christian principles.

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that life is all about us, and succumb to a fearful and selfish scarcity mentality.Scarcity thinkers believe that there’s only so much available in life. They see life as a box of a dozen chocolates, and when someone else gets a piece less available for them.

This kind of thinker isn’t able to rejoice in the success of others because they feel threatened by it. They’re unwilling to share credit or recognition, even when it’s deserved.

Have you ever wanted to do something and watched someone else receive the opportunity to do that very thing? Maybe it’s something God has promised to you, and yet it seems as though He’s opening the door for others and not you.

Scarcity thinking causes us to be afraid that there will be no place for us; that we will simply be lost in the crowd.

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5 Benefits Of Using Youth In Music Ministry

Not too long ago I wrote a blog post about how to involve young people in music ministry. I got consistently involved in my local church’s music ministry when I was 12. My ministry was developed through my experiences as a youth and as I moved into adulthood.

Being used in music ministry as a young person was a huge benefit for me, and it is for your young people, too! However, using your youth in music can also have some great, positive impacts on your church! Continue Reading

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The Refuge Turns 1

Today is a very exciting for my husband and I and our church in Seattle!

Today is the day we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the launch of the Refuge Church of Seattle!

It’s exciting for so many reasons and I’m amazed to see what God has done so far in this church and in awe of the fact that God brought us here to be a part of His work. Continue Reading