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How To Hear and Write Parts (Vocal Harmony)

Guest Post by Jeremiah Sibley of

I am going to try to give you a methodical way to hear and write out harmony. There is however, no method that can help you unless you are willing to give writing out vocals a try and to try and try again.

The more you teach or hear vocal parts, the easier that they will become to recognize from simply hearing a song.

When I first started writing out vocals I was awful at it, but I kept trying!

You must also be able to somewhat sing to write out vocal parts. You do not have to be a star soloist, though. Anyone who has ever heard Kirk Franklin try to sing knows that he is nowhere near the best soloist of his group, but even that is well enough for him to write out parts for others to sing. Continue Reading

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Building A Music Department From Scratch

Building a church music department from scratch can be difficult and be a bit overwhelming at times!

I know, because I’ve done it a couple times….and I’m currently starting from square one in a brand new church plant in downtown Seattle!

Right now, I’m the music director, worship leader, only musician (keyboard), and only vocalist (unless you count my husband and two of our sweet saints who sing loudly in order to help fill the room with the sound of praise. I guess they are my unofficial praise team….)


So where do you start? Where do you go from square one?


I was recently reminded at a local music workshop that having a small church mentality is a big NO, NO!

This is one of the reasons that we don’t call our church plant a small church, but instead, we call it a new, growing church!

The same idea should be applied to the music department! So, I’m the only person currently in our music department…. It’s still not small! It’s growing! Continue Reading


The Refuge Church of Seattle

I want to share a little about what my husband and I are doing in Seattle!

This month makes 2 years since we made the move from Tennessee to Seattle, WA to start a church. It’s CRAZY that so much time has already flown by! This year we officially launched The Refuge Church of Seattle and we have been having regular church services on Sundays at 1PM at the Belltown Community Center.

God has not disappointed us! He has shown up in our worship services and ministered in the preaching whether there were 3, 9, or more people present! It’s so exciting to be a part of a church from the beginning and it allows our guests the opportunity to become a part of an exciting, growing church in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle! Continue Reading

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I Will Walk This Road – Single

I am so excited to announce that my single, I Will Walk This Road, is officially available for purchase!!

Listen on iTunes!

Album Art_I Will Walk This Road

It’s exciting and a little weird to see my song on iTunes!!

I would be honored if you would consider buying it (for only .99!) and then leaving a rating/review and sharing the link with your friends and family!

Follow the link to your preferred store to purchase!




Google Play

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Single: Coming Soon!

I am so excited to be releasing my first single soon!! The recording is done, the album art looks amazing, and I am waiting for approval from!

A huge thank you goes out to Advent Records for their hard work on this project! They have some extremely talented musicians and I appreciate their passion and creativity!

Also, thank you so much to Kayla Ellingsworth for the amazing album art! Not only is she a talented graphic designer, but she’s also a great artist, photographer, musician, cook, and so on. I’m thankful to be able to call her my family and my friend!

Album Art_I Will Walk This Road

Story Behind the Song:

I wrote this song when I was 15 years old. It’s always unfortunate when someone chooses to walk away from the Truth and their relationship with God, and even more so when that person is an influence on the lives of young people. Out of this situation, God gave me this song.

A friend and leader chose to walk away from God and made the statement to my dad that he wanted what my family had (relationship with God, ministry, commitment, stability), but he didn’t want to go through what he perceived as trial and suffering to get it.

His comments ignited a desire in a 15 year old girl to make up her mind that no matter what the road ahead held, there would be no turning back! When I look at the sacrifice that Jesus made at Calvary and the reward that awaits when I reach the end of the road, I have to ask myself like David did, “Is there not a cause?” I may face a battle, but He brings the victory! He’s the peace in my storm and the arms that hold me close. In light of what He has done for me, how can I not give my all for Him?

I’ve made up my mind! I am going through! I will walk this road.

Preview the song!