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Development and Training

Development and Training

2016 Music Conferences

February 18-20 – OneVoice Music Conference | Pensacola, FL

February 26-27 – Ignite Worship Conference | Springfield, OR

March 3-5 – Higher Ground | Lufkin, TX

April 1-2 – Minnesota Music Conference | Saint Paul, MN

April 6-8 – IBC Music Fest | Indianapolis, IN

April 20-23 – Heart of Worship | Goodlettsville, TN

May 5-6 – Synergy | Sebastopol, MS

October 13-15 – Zion Music Conference | Katy, TX

Mark Condon’s Power Worship Conference | Multiple Dates & Locations

5 Weeks to an Organized Music Department 2

Development and Training, Songwriting

How To Develop A Songwriting Team

Finding new songs, especially fast ones, that really minister to your congregation and are Biblically sound can be a bit challenging.

I don’t know about you, but I have spent hours pouring through new releases on iTunes, worship leaders forums, YouTube, and other Christian music resources only to come away with a handful of songs that were great for worship and our church.

Churches go through seasons, our pastors all have their own unique visions for certain times, and each church has its own special style based on the make-up of the local congregation.

So, who better than you and your church to write songs for your worship service and choir? Continue Reading

3 Ways To Involve Your Young People In Music Ministry
Development and Training

3 Ways To Involve Your Young People In Music Ministry

The people in your church, including YOU, want and need to feel plugged in and connected to your church. They need to feel a sense of ownership. They need to feel like, “This is MY church!”

The same goes for your young people! They need to be a part of the church, and that means more than just youth group involvement. Your young people need to feel plugged into your church outside of youth group and youth activities.

Your young people should be active in ministry and not just objects of ministry!

If you have young people who are interested in music, music ministry is a great way to plug them into the body as a whole and start developing their gifts.  Continue Reading