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Worship Workshop 2018

The 3rd annual Worship Workshop, the premier, online music conference, is happening Saturday, September 15th and I’m SO excited!!

You don’t want to miss these 31 Sessions, 10+ Presenters (including new faces like, Shara McKee, Dennis Gates, Ryan Johns, Jeremy Guzman, & more), $300+ in Bonus Downloads & Discounts from our awesome sponsors…

ALL of this from the comfort of your home for only $40!!!

You probably think we’re crazy, right?? But, the goal with the Worship Workshop is to make it affordable and accessible!

Go check out the schedule, sessions, presenters, and amazing bonuses at

It’s going to be an amazing conference and I hope you’ll join us!!

**NOTE: If you can’t be a part of the live, online event on September 15th, you can still register for access to all the session video replays to watch later and bonus downloads & discounts.**

What are you waiting for?? Go reserve your spot! (Space is already filling up!)


Development and Training

5 Tips For Training New Musicians

As your church grows, your worship ministry should grow. As the young people in your church show interest and desire to use their talents in God’s kingdom, your worship ministry should grow! (Check out these 5 ways to include young people in music ministry.)

You should always be investing in and developing new talent!

But this can present some challenges – especially if you feel you have some limitations.

How do I train a new bass player when I don’t play bass?
What about drums or guitar?

Ideally, every music department would have seasoned musicians who are willing to mentor new musicians learning their same instrument. (This is why I believe mentoring is important, plus some tips on how to be a great mentor.)

But, that doesn’t always work out.

Maybe your seasoned musicians aren’t on board with mentoring yet, or with work, families, and other ministry involvement, they simply don’t have the extra time. Maybe you’re in a smaller church or working with a smaller team and other seasoned musicians aren’t available.

Whatever the case may be, in this Friday 5 In Five Video I’m sharing 5 tips for training new musicians. I hope they help you out! Continue Reading

Development and Training

5 Tips For Being A Great Mentor

If you’re involved in music ministry (or any ministry for that matter), you should be mentoring someone!

In this Friday 5 In Five video, I share 5 tips for being a great mentor.

One of the goals of our church is that everyone involved in anyway at the Refuge has someone they’re mentoring. If you’re heading out on a missions trip, taking a maternity leave, or shifting your ministry focus, someone should be able to step into your shoes and carry on seamlessly.

I think this is especially important in music ministry! Worship leaders should be mentoring up and coming worship leaders! Musician, vocalists, and even ministry leaders should be mentoring, too!

What we’re doing in the Kingdom of God is so much bigger than ourselves! We have a responsibility to pass on what we’ve learned and sow into the success of others. Continue Reading

Development and Training

2016 Music Conferences

February 18-20 – OneVoice Music Conference | Pensacola, FL

February 26-27 – Ignite Worship Conference | Springfield, OR

March 3-5 – Higher Ground | Lufkin, TX

April 1-2 – Minnesota Music Conference | Saint Paul, MN

April 6-8 – IBC Music Fest | Indianapolis, IN

April 20-23 – Heart of Worship | Goodlettsville, TN

May 5-6 – Synergy | Sebastopol, MS

October 13-15 – Zion Music Conference | Katy, TX

Mark Condon’s Power Worship Conference | Multiple Dates & Locations

5 Weeks to an Organized Music Department 2