Avoid The Drain

I learned a valuable lesson today.

There are some people that you’ll come in contact with who will drain you.
Drain. You. Dry.

If you’re involved in any aspect of ministry, it can be easy to let those few people drain you in the name of love, or investment, or for the sake of church/department growth. However, it’s not healthy for you to be drained!

For example, there are those who are negative and like to talk about everything that’s going wrong in their lives, but they aren’t really looking for your positive input or advice on how to change their situation. You may try to make suggestions or “look on the bright side”, but they will constantly shoot down your ideas and tell you why what you’re suggesting will never work.

You will leave conversations like these feeling drained! Emotionally, and sometimes spiritually drained!

I’ve started a conversation with someone in a great mood and feeling happy only to leave the conversation a little while later feeling irritated, sans the great mood…


Some people pull and pull and pull from you and ultimately alter your emotions and spiritual health.

This is not good!

Avoid the drain!

After having a frustrating conversation like the one above, my husband somehow sensed my irritation… 😉
so I explained what was going on and why my mood had shifted.

He offered me some great advice, and I hope you’ll take it too!

He told me, in these situations, you just empathize and move on!

Don’t try to offer any advice (it won’t be headed anyway!)

Don’t linger on the negative subject (Change the subject! Focus on the positive!)

Say, “I’m sorry you feel that way,” or “that’s too bad,” and “we’ll just have to pray about that!”

Of course, only say you’re going to pray about it if you’re going to pray about it. If not, say
“you’ll just have to pray about that!” Haha!

Anyway! The point here is that we can control the influence that someone has or doesn’t have on our lives, our moods, and our spiritual well-being! We can love them and pray for them, but we don’t have to let them drain us.

If you recognize a Drainer in your life, change the way you interact with them and be sure you leave the conversation feeling as positive, happy, and spiritually full as when you began!

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