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This Is Where It Starts Podcast // What Are You Waiting For?

Seven years ago this month, my husband and I packed up our car in Tennessee and hit the road.

God called us to start a church in Seattle early in our relationship, and after about 5 years – we were finally on our way. 

The only thing is… it really wasn’t the best time to pack up and leave. 

We had no money, we’d been struggling to find work and just survive for several years, we had no house or apartment waiting on us in Seattle, and no jobs.

We didn’t even have enough gas money to make the long, cross-country drive. 

But there we were.

We’d sold what we could in a yard sale, packed the rest, and loaded as much as we could fit into our Nissan xTerra, and we set out in pursuit of the calling to start a church in Seattle.

I’m sure most people thought we were crazy – even I think it was a bit crazy!

Talk about bad timing, right?! At least from a human perspective.

Isn’t it wiser to make sure you have enough money to get where you’re going? Maybe land a job before you make the move? And have an apartment waiting on you when you arrive? 

Yes, that does sound like the smarter thing to do… waiting for the perfect conditions before taking the first step. 

But, I don’t know when everything would have finally aligned, or if things ever would have aligned to create that “perfect” moment. 

What I do know, is God called us to go, and we decided to respond – even though it looked like we might not make it even half way on what we had. 

It looked like bad timing in our eyes, but to God – it looked like an opportunity to provide and make a way where there seemed to be no way.

And that’s exactly what He did. 

Today I want ask you, What Are You Waiting For?

And I want to remind you that God’s idea of the perfect conditions or perfect timing usually looks a lot different than ours. 

Let’s get started!

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This Is Where It Starts Podcast // Letting Go Of Control

My husband and I are in the process of adopting, and it’s been a much longer journey than I ever expected it to be.

We felt called to adopt in at the end of 2015, and here we are – almost 4 years later, and still no babies. 

I don’t say this so you’ll feel bad for us! I don’t feel bad for us!

I know God’s timing is perfect, and I’m excited to see how our adoption story unfolds. 

I share this because I’ve been learning so much along the way. I’m learning that I can’t maintain control of my life if I’m going to follow Jesus.

I’m learning that just because I accepted His call to adoption, doesn’t mean our adoption story is going to turn out just the way I think it should. 

As a matter of fact, we’ve already changed so much about what we thought it would look like early on, because we’ve realized He has something else in mind – something greater than us completing our perfect little family and living happily ever after.

It’s really not about making us happy, and it’s not about what we’re comfortable with…

In today’s episode, I want talk to you about letting go of control.

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This Is Where It Starts Podcast // Why You Should Do Something

In 2016, the marketing agency my husband works for hosted a one-day, online conference to teach entrepreneurs about marketing.

I didn’t know much about it until probably the day before it happened. My husband was up working later than normal to make sure everything was ready and I started asking questions about what they were doing and how they were doing it. 

It sparked an idea.

It’s amazing how one moment or event can set you down a path you didn’t see coming.

I started thinking about all the worship leaders, music directors, musicians, church planters… all the people who make a music ministry work, and may never make it to a music conference.

Confession time… I’ve only been to a major music conference 3 times. And 2 of those conferences I attended because I was asked to teach or work. The other, was because our church at the time paid for me to go. 

For most of my life, I simply couldn’t afford to go to music conference! 

So, I thought, what if I apply this one-day, online conference thing to music ministry? What if I could bring a music conference right into people’s homes, with some of the greatest teachers available, and make it super cheap? So anyone could attend, as long they had internet access.

I started talking to my husband (who’s the techy one in our home) about how we could make it happen, I set a date, and I called my first music ministry guru and asked him if he’d like to be a part.

He said yes!

On September 14, 2019 – I hosted the 4th annual Worship Workshop, an online music conference, and had almost 400 registrants!

Cool right? 

Now, I tell you this story because I want you to know things could have turned out completely different. 

I could have thought… wow! An online music conference would be a great idea! I hope someone does it one day. 

Or, this could be really cool, but there are so many people with more talent and well known names – they would be WAY better at this. WAY more qualified. They would have a MUCH bigger audience to reach and more clout among other music ministers.

I could have done nothing.

But I chose to start something!

And today I want to tell you the reasons why YOU should do something. 

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This Is Where It Starts Podcast // The Trailer

Sometime at the end of 2018, beginning of 2019 I had an idea to start a podcast.

I had just started listening to some podcasts that shared stories of people who were doing great things for God and in their businesses, and after going through ALL of the episodes available that applied to me… I ran out. 

I ran out of episodes and stories from the people I really wanted to hear from. Don’t take this wrong! There are a lot of great podcasts out there, and once I’d binged on the past episodes, I started patiently waiting for the next episode to come out. 

Since then, I’ve definitely added some new podcasts to my subscription list. But I still couldn’t shake the idea of doing a podcast myself. 

And guess what? This is where it starts!  

Today, I’m sharing more about the podcast – and why I started it – so you’ll know what to expect from me and from the guests I have on the show. 

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Worship Workshop 2018

The 3rd annual Worship Workshop, the premier, online music conference, is happening Saturday, September 15th and I’m SO excited!!

You don’t want to miss these 31 Sessions, 10+ Presenters (including new faces like, Shara McKee, Dennis Gates, Ryan Johns, Jeremy Guzman, & more), $300+ in Bonus Downloads & Discounts from our awesome sponsors…

ALL of this from the comfort of your home for only $40!!!

You probably think we’re crazy, right?? But, the goal with the Worship Workshop is to make it affordable and accessible!

Go check out the schedule, sessions, presenters, and amazing bonuses at

It’s going to be an amazing conference and I hope you’ll join us!!

**NOTE: If you can’t be a part of the live, online event on September 15th, you can still register for access to all the session video replays to watch later and bonus downloads & discounts.**

What are you waiting for?? Go reserve your spot! (Space is already filling up!)