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5 Tips For Being A Great Mentor

If you’re involved in music ministry (or any ministry for that matter), you should be mentoring someone!

In this Friday 5 In Five video, I share 5 tips for being a great mentor.

One of the goals of our church is that everyone involved in anyway at the Refuge has someone they’re mentoring. If you’re heading out on a missions trip, taking a maternity leave, or shifting your ministry focus, someone should be able to step into your shoes and carry on seamlessly.

I think this is especially important in music ministry! Worship leaders should be mentoring up and coming worship leaders! Musician, vocalists, and even ministry leaders should be mentoring, too!

What we’re doing in the Kingdom of God is so much bigger than ourselves! We have a responsibility to pass on what we’ve learned and sow into the success of others.

5 Tips For Being A Great Mentor

1. Have A Plan

Don’t wing it!

It will be much harder to stick with the mentorship and be consistent if you don’t have a plan. You and your mentee should talk about expectations and set some goals for the mentorship.

2. Show Genuine Interest

Being a mentor is not something to take lightly.

If it’s something you want to do so you can say you’re a mentor… then don’t.

You should be invested in the success of your mentee and interested in who they are! Get to know the person, find out what interests them, what scares them, where they want to grow, and why they’re passionate about music ministry (or whatever ministry it is). Spend quality time with them!

Being a mentor isn’t you doing all the talking. You should be intentional about listening and showing genuine interest.

NOTE: Your relationship should come before the mentorship, especially when your working in the church!

3. Share What You Know

Don’t have the mindset that you need to withhold valuable information in order to protect your position.

God doesn’t work this way.

There’s plenty of room in His kingdom and you will always have a place in it! So leave that mindset behind, embrace an abundance mentality, and be generous with your knowledge, tips, and resources.

It’s also important to let your mentee learn from your mistakes.

Don’t paint a perfect picture of yourself, share your mistakes and what they taught you. Be honest and transparent!

4. Practice What You Preach

It’s easy to tell someone what do, and we all know what we should be doing. But it’s important be an example and let your actions back up what you say.

Show your mentee how your relationship with God is essential to leading others into worship. Show her what it looks like to be prepared and bring something of excellence. Show him what it looks like to be respectful of others on your team and keep a great attitude.

Practice what you preach!

5. Celebrate!

It’s important to boost the confidence of and motivate your mentee. Celebrating their successes, both big and small, is a great way to do this!

Mentorships can often remind someone how much there is to learn, or how much they have to grow.

Remind your mentee that it’s about one step at time, and every little achievement counts! Then, celebrate those achievements with them!

If you’re in a leadership or ministry role, you should be investing in someone else.

I hope these 5 tips for being a great mentor help you out! If you’re a mentor or mentee, leave a comment and share what made the biggest impact on you in during your mentorship.

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