5 Benefits Of Using Youth In Music Ministry

Not too long ago I wrote a blog post about how to involve young people in music ministry. I got consistently involved in my local church’s music ministry when I was 12. My ministry was developed through my experiences as a youth and as I moved into adulthood.

Being used in music ministry as a young person was a huge benefit for me, and it is for your young people, too! However, using your youth in music can also have some great, positive impacts on your church!

How It Benefits Your Church

1. It creates excitement.

When you get your youth involved in what’s happening in your services, they bring their natural, young person excitement!

They’ll be excited about church, worship, and being a part of what God’s doing. That excitement should be encouraged and cultivated so it continues from the first time they sing or play with the team till the last.

Remember, excitement is contagious! It may just spread to the rest of your team and trickle into your congregation!

2. Multigenerational teams are healthy.

You probably already practice mixing old and new songs in your worship sets, right? It’s important to appeal to a congregation that is made up of a diverse crowd!

So, why not have a multigenerational worship team? Not only are you teaching the older members new, young songs, but you’re teaching the young ones old songs.

You’re also engaging the whole congregation! It’s great for other young people to see their peers involved in ministry (hopefully it will encourage them to be involved somewhere!) and those kiddos who look up to the young people in your church will want to engage as well.

Another benefit of multigenerational teams is that you’re creating great opportunities for the young to learn from the experienced and encouraging their interaction with potential mentors. There needs to be more interaction between the adults and the youth so that young people connect to their church and adults learn to invest in the younger generation.

3. You’ll actually HAVE a worship team.

If your church is like mine was when I was 12, you may not have a worship team. I became the piano player at my church because there wasn’t anyone else to do it. My aunt played the organ, but we didn’t have a drummer or praise singers.

We did have a small youth group, though. And they all had natural talent and potential.

So, I taught them the best I could! Slowly, we grew our team until I had 2 tenors that alternated playing the drums, 2 altos, and 2 sopranos. AND most of them could play the piano, which was a huge blessing when I moved and someone else had to play. This little group was together for about 6 or 7 years and our ages spanned about 8 years (we all started as teens).

All of these awesome people are still involved in ministry today, music or otherwise.

So, if you don’t have a team yet, start looking at your young people! Who can you start training and developing? Start teaching them young and, when they’re able, start using them!

Sis. Cooley recently reminded us at a music conference that we can’t be lottery day people, waiting on that talented, musical family that’s going to show up at our church some day and make all the difference in our music department. Instead you may need to ask the 12 year-old boy of the family who attends your church faithfully if he’s interested in learning to play the drums!

4. You’re developing leaders. 

By getting your young people involved in music ministry, you’re teaching them to be leaders. Whether they’re singing or playing an instrument, they are leading in worship. Plus, they are watching and learning from you up close and personal!

With leadership comes responsibility, and your young people should feel the weight of that responsibility if they’re a part of your team. Leadership skills will go with your youth into adulthood and will continue to bless the church for years to come.

5. You’re teaching your young people about ministry. 

What better way to train your young people for ministry than to get them involved in ministry? Let your youth learn what it means to minister to the church from experience.

What does ministry mean? Is it more than just what you see on a platform? What expectations do you have for your worship team? Your young people can learn this firsthand!

If your youth are a part of your team, then they need to be in the prayer room seeking God before service, they need to be setting an example, and need to be involved in other areas of the church that are less visible.

You’re never too young to get ministry experience and that experience will benefit your young people for the rest of their lives.

Your church can benefit from using young people on your worship team!

If you’re not using your young people, your church is missing out on a great opportunity to invest and be blessed.

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