3 Ways To Involve Your Young People In Music Ministry
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3 Ways To Involve Your Young People In Music Ministry

The people in your church, including YOU, want and need to feel plugged in and connected to your church. They need to feel a sense of ownership. They need to feel like, “This is MY church!”

The same goes for your young people! They need to be a part of the church, and that means more than just youth group involvement. Your young people need to feel plugged into your church outside of youth group and youth activities.

Your young people should be active in ministry and not just objects of ministry!

If you have young people who are interested in music, music ministry is a great way to plug them into the body as a whole and start developing their gifts. 

How To Get Your Youth Involved

1. Start A Youth Band

This is a great way to plug your young people into your music department. There may only be 3 of them and they may not be ready to play on a regular basis, but you can pick 3-4 songs to work on for the year. Pick a couple of special services that they can play at (Christmas, youth event, outreach concert, etc.) and start working towards those events.

This is also a great way for you and your team to start mentoring and teaching these young people. They should feel connected with the other praise singers and musicians on your team.

2. Start Using Them In Service

Don’t be afraid to use them in your regular services! It’s a valuable experience and your young people need to learn to be confident in front of the congregation. They need to learn how to lead in worship!

You can start by using them in services that aren’t so “high pressure”, like midweek or a nursing home service. Their mics or instruments don’t even have to be up very loud! As they gain confidence and get better and singing with your team, you can gradually turn them up.

If you’re dealing with new musicians, then set up another keyboard (you don’t have to run it through the sound) and let them play along with you. Or let them bring an acoustic guitar and play along. The best way to learn is just start doing it!

Eventually you can start using them more and even have them take on more responsibility. Maybe have them play for a service, or sing a solo part.

3. Involve Them In Kids Ministry

Your young people are more than capable of helping with music in kids’ church and Sunday school! A lot of those songs are fun and have motions. This is a great way to let them act crazy and connect with the kids in your church, giving your kids good role models to look up to!

This can also be an opportunity for your new youth band! The nice thing about kids is that they won’t notice that wrong note, or that sketchy transition, but they will recognize the worship songs and sing along, hopefully with worship! It’s a perfect training ground and again engages your young people in ministry.

What a great experience it would be for your youth band to watch kids crying and praying as they play worship music and usher in the presence of God!

What other ways have you involved your young people in music ministry? 

NOTE: If you there are young people who are not interested in being in the music ministry, help them find another area of ministry where they can get plugged in!

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