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About the Blog

This blog is designed to be place where songwriters, worship leaders, music directors, pastors, or anyone interested in anything related to music ministry can learn and be encouraged.

I have been involved in music ministry since I was a young teenager and I’ve worked mostly in churches with smaller congregations and little to no resources available for the music department. I never let what some might consider limitations stop me from doing the best job I could and working to develop the talent available to me.

I hope that the individuals reading my blog can be encouraged and gain the resources and information they need to grow a thriving music department and develop their personal ministries.

If you have a question, ask here and I will do my best to find an answer for you! Select questions and answers will be featured in Troubleshooting category and you may be helping someone else!

Please let me know if any of the resources or articles available have been a blessing to you or your church!


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