65 Songs for Easter

Easter is about a month away! Are you working on your worship sets or Easter programs?

If you haven’t decided on your final songs, you may find something in this list that works. I’ve compiled a list of 65 Easter songs for churches to use in their programs and worship services.

If you’re still looking for an easy program, check out this easy Easter service program I put together. The songs can easily be changed or rearranged to work for your church. Even if your music department is small (ours has only 2 people in it at the moment), you can still do a special program for Easter this year!

The songs on this list have been divided into genres and then by tempo. Hopefully that makes it easier for you to find what you’re looking for! Continue Reading

Cover Songs

Clean by Natalie Grant (Cover)

Clean by Natalie Grant (Brittani Scott Cover)
Piano: Jeremiah Sibley of BSharpTricks.

I finally recorded a cover! I hope you all enjoy it!

This song has such powerful lyrics! I’m so thankful that in spite of the mess we often make of our lives, He has the power and is merciful enough to wash us clean. I recorded this Sunday evening after our church service was over. During the service we had our first baptism in the Refuge Church of Seattle’s new building! Continue Reading


Easy Christmas Songs

It’s December and Christmas is just around the corner! While we’re a small church plant with some limitations, we are still doing both a Christmas concert and a special Christmas service this year.

I firmly believe that you can do just about anything a large, fully staffed church can do if you’re creative!

If you’re still looking for a few easy songs to use throughout this month or at your special Christmas events, here’s a list of easy worship Christmas songs and special Christmas songs.  Continue Reading